Business Case Studies

5 Types of A/B Tests to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

The e-commerce industry’s continued growth offers a lot of potential for companies. Success isn’t imminent, though. For brands to outpace their peers and set themselves up for long-term growth, they have to get many business details right. How do successful e-commerce companies continually make the right call? They don’t. They...
Business Case Studies

How Hackathons had Started?

There are many concepts popular in the current corporate world. But one of the most popular one is the concept of hackathon.  In the beginning, the word Hackathon emerged from the word Marathon. It is a long or challenging activity in a short period.  And talking about Hack, here meant...
Business Case Studies

Know Your Business Finance: 5 Business Terms About Finance All Business Owners Should Know

Legal team checking the fine print on business contract to analyze terms and conditions and sign. The traditional business model is ever-evolving. Business owners must stay ahead of the learning curve, with terminology in particular. Understanding fundamental business terms increases business fluency. Owners find it easier to comprehend and communicate...
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