Business Case Studies

2 ways to get extra funds for small businesses

As a small business owner, what're the goals for 2019? Maybe you want to buy new equipment that can change your business industry? Or you probably need new faces in the company, so that you could increase the efficiency of small business? Well, there could be tons of reasons, why...
Business Case Studies

CRM system as a solution for a small business

Although micro, small and medium enterprises have been using basic IT solutions for many years, they still use specialized and at the same time more advanced programs, such as CRM systems, very rarely. Unfortunately, despite the high evaluation of their usefulness among small entrepreneurs, there is an erroneous belief that...
Business Case Studies

How to Start A Profitable Number Plates Business? The car industry may have its ups and downs, but for now, it’s not going anywhere. The reasons behind owning one or more vehicles vary from a need for comfortable transportation, status display, to passion for a certain brand, but they are powerful enough to keep the sales up...
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