ARM launches ‘lab-in-a-box’

by Gordon on Tuesday 11th March, 2014

Tech savvy company ARM has announced that its worldwide University Programme has begun shipping its flagship ‘lab-in-a-box’ (LiB) to participating universities worldwide, enabling educational use of ARM technology. ARM understands that young people are the future and by benefitting courses, labs, student projects and academic research, ARM are investing in the future.

The LiB, unsurprisingly, contains high-quality technology expected of the company and its partners (including Freescale and NXP), supplies that will greatly benefit electronics and computer engineering courses. Alongside the tech, the LiB also contains software licenses and development tools, hardware platforms and complete teaching materials ready to be used in classes. The full specifications are listed on ARM’s website.

Khaled Benkrid, manager of the Worldwide University Program, stated:

‘We are pleased to see the very first LiBs start shipping to our partner institutions. This is an important moment for the ARM University Program and for our partners, who are giving us very strong support. Together, we are enabling educators and their students to discover the possibilities of ARM technology. We are committed to equipping tomorrow’s engineers with the skills they need to drive the exciting and intelligent products that are transforming how people work and play.’ (, 27 February 2014)

For more on ARM’s vision for a smarter world, check out their case study…

‘A vision for a smarter world – An ARM case study’

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