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How To Promote Your Business Event On Facebook With Fotor

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and has a huge following. The huge following is good for your business for traffic purposes.

A business event is one that can garner your brand the much-needed attention on this social media platform. For your business event to be vibrant there are some promotional items that you need to acquire such as posters and banners.

For an online setting, they may be hard to come across. However, there is no need to worry as Fotor, an online photo editor is at your disposal. The following are some of the creations the online photo editing tool provides you with for a worthwhile business event.

  1. Facebook Post Template

You can create distinct facebook posts that will surely get the attention drawn to your quarters which is good for promotional purposes. You can use Fotor to create such templates easily and very fast.

To create the post, you first head to the site and click on features.  Under features click on design then select facebook post. This action leads you to an editing page. Here, you click on the template that best suits your event. There is a vast collection of templates depending on size and design at your access.

You can also add a suitable background color to radiate the template. Other aspects that you can add include text that summarizes the event and maybe some stickers to provide the theme. You then download it and upload it as your post on the social media platform.

  1. Creating A Program For Your Event

A program for your event shows your guests what will happen at the event and the timing. This is good for preparation purposes and getting the whole event in order. Having an event program on your business’ Facebook account showcases how organized your business is and cements its credibility.

Here you still go to feature, design then select the program maker. Search for the best template for the event and get down to edit it.

Add some text on the template that shows the dates and other important aspects of the event. Add a background and some stickers and you are good to share the event program on your facebook wall.

  1. Create A Banner For The Event

Additionally, you can create an online banner or the business’ event. To start you still go to design and click on the banner maker. You select the preferred dimensions for the banner and proceed to the editing page where you can resize it and even add a background.

Add some text and stickers to make it unique and share it on your Facebook account as a post.


Fotor is a great tool to have for your editing needs. In creating a facebook event for your business, it makes a great companion in coming up with awesome items such as posters and banners.

To enjoy these services, sign up with Fotor and have an account. Furthermore, go for the premium package where you benefit from features such as the watermark remover and unlimited cloud storage.