Work management is very tiresome, and one individual cannot do it all by themselves without getting overly stressed, or eventually messing up. Thankfully, to save valuable time and effort, specific software designed to provide greater ease when working on projects has been developed.

Here are some of the many inconveniences eliminated by using planning software.

Duplicating data

Without the use of planning software, you have to duplicate data from the project managers to accountants so as to have consistent information. Project planning software can integrate all your data with the accounting system. You do not have to waste time making a comparison between the accounting’s data and project’s documents. The tools can work together, and they are accessible from one spot which makes work easier in the office.

Calling for meetings

You don’t have to call for meetings at the beginning of each month or year to explain the schedule to the workers. All you need to do is post them online, and every employee can access it just by logging on the site. Also, if there is a new staff member, there’s no time wastage trying to explain to them about the project so as to catch up with others. All the reports and data required are already entered in the planning software, and all s/he has to do is check in. The software also allows communication between you and your workers because they all have access to the same data, even if you have many offices at different locations.

Using old spreadsheets

With the planning software, you have all the data stored in a central database. The database can be accessed from anywhere as long as the employees have all the details required to log in (and they have an internet connection). With this, you don’t have to use spreadsheets all over the employees’ hard drives to store their information and reports. The data is retrievable in a case of misplacement or loss and easy to know if anyone had logged in since every employee has a different log in details and thus you have control over all the documents.

Asking about the employee’s progress

The software allows you to track every employee, their hours of work and their progress. With this, you can see which employee is adding the most value to the company and who is wasting time. The planning software provides you with every individual’s data through a calendar, so you can see who’s working on what and the date everything needs to be completed.

Managing employees physically

The advantage of having planning software is that it stores all the employees’ data on the computer. The information is secure and stored online, and you can access it through authorised sources like tablets, desktops or mobile phones. With this, you can be connected to your employees more efficiently, and you can communicate with them from wherever location without having to be in the workplace in person. This provides employees with more flexibility, which can be highly beneficial to them and the business.

Sorting data manually

With the many employees, it gets hard to sort their individual data manually as it can be tiresome and time-consuming. Planning software allows managing the data online with their names and personal details, duties, and payroll information. You can search for a worker’s data leaving the rest of the information secure and organised. Moreover, it enhances security on the documents since you can limit access to the data by use of passwords and other restrictions.

With the above reasoning, it’s right to say project planning software helps you to save time which in return improves the firm’s productivity. This is because the computer does all the work for you; so, all you have to do is command it. The integrated tools allow sufficient working among the employees since they can access all the data from one spot. It’s also cost saving!