Promotion through sponsorship

Promoting products and services to consumers can take many forms, from traditional press advertising to celebrity endorsements.  The US-based basketball league NBA regularly uses sponsorship as a form of promotion with companies such as Anheuser-Busch, the makers of Budweiser beer, and the sports drink maker, Gatorade. (BBC, 27th April 2012)

Kia Motors, as a relatively new entrant to the UK market, is using high profile sponsorship of international cricket, football and tennis events to influence consumers’ perceptions of the Kia brand.  It also places high value on its digital and social media promotion activities, including blogging and presence on social network sites such as Facebook.

NBA teams do not, however, currently carry sponsor logos on their playing jerseys so Mark Tatum, of the American-based NBA major basketball league, is looking at expanding the NBA’s reach and potential revenues through this medium.

Mr Tatum is also exploring the continued expansion of social media.  He says: ‘We have always embraced the latest technology to enhance the experience for our fans.  We work with our partners about how to get the best use out of their association with the NBA. It could be with regard to TV ads, social media and digital media. The excitement around the game is a great way to launch new products, initiatives and ideas.

Manchester will host two high-level USA versus Team GB basketball games in the run up to the London Olympics this summer.  These games will not only help the athletes to prepare for the Games but also help to raise the profile of basketball across the UK.

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