Managing risk

by Gordon on Monday 9th July, 2012

The government says it now believes that the UK’s internet infrastructure will be able to cope with demand during the London 2012 Olympic Games.  The Cabinet Office had previously told businesses to prepare counter-measures in case internet service providers (ISPs) introduced download limits or even experienced failures.  (BBC, 6th July 2012)

A spokesman for telecoms group BT said: ‘We have done a huge amount of capacity planning work, which has included reviewing and learning from events like the World Cup, the royal wedding and America’s Super Bowl.  We’ve brought forward investment and capacity increases to meet the anticipated extra demand.

The concept of managing the levels of risk that could affect a business’ operations or services is known as ‘contingency planning’.  Eurostar, the high-speed rail service between the UK and Europe, aims to maintain a safe, reliable and comfortable service for its passengers, whatever the circumstances.  It manages proactively manages risk through its Business Continuity programmes.

Eurostar has organised the business so that it can evaluate potential risks on an ongoing basis.  It has put in place documented procedures to address disruption to services and trained staff to ensure they can carry them out.  This means the whole business will respond quickly should anything unexpected happen.

London 2012 officials now believe steps by broadband and mobile network operators to increase capacity had eased fears and that it was unlikely there would be any impact on the UK internet infrastructure during the Olympic Games.

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