Investing for growth

by Gordon on Tuesday 17th July, 2012

Investment in a business can take many forms.  It might be to enhance the skills of the workforce through training and development or improve production facilities to allow the business to generate more output to meet demand.  However, businesses can also benefit in investing in ethical practices.

The latest report from The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Teeb) project argues that many sectors have a stake in protecting nature. (BBC, 13th July 2012)

Smart business leaders realise that integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services in their value chains can generate substantial cost savings and new revenues, as well as improved business reputation and license to operate.  One such business is the agribusiness giant Syngenta, which recently launched Operation Pollinator, a scheme to restore important bee habitat.

Syngenta’s mission is to ‘bring plant potential to life’ in order to support the increasing global demand for food with fewer land resources.  Alongside its investment in research and manufacturing, it is committed to helping farmers worldwide be more productive through improved crop protection and better information.  (See also The Times newspaper, 9th July 2012)

Operation Pollinator is seen as a potential contribution to curbing the ongoing bee decline in Europe and North America, which will help with the natural process of plant propagation.

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