Business Case Studies

Aristocrat slot machines are now in Tunf’s library of online casino games.

Slot machines by Aristocrat are popular, and they can now be found quickly at Find Popular Slot Games Fast Aristocrat is a leading company for online slot machines, and these games can now be quickly located on one site. This is a real advantage for players who have already...
Business Case Studies

What is Internet Censoring and How Does It Work?

Internet censoring is a technique that is used to prevent users from accessing certain websites, services, or content.  This can include government censorship of entire sites, domains, or categories of content, as well as much smaller-scale censorship, such as blocking certain domains on an office or school network.  There are...
Business Case Studies

Top 10 Ransomware Incidents

Ransomware, a significant threat to companies, is actually a malicious software that encrypts user's data and denies them access to the system or files by encrypting the files or devices till a ransom amount is paid. This has evolved a need for a secure archiving solution for companies - be...
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