Business Case Studies

How to combat business downtime

Business downtime might sound like everyone gets to relax and enjoy a break but the name is very deceptive. Have you ever seen all your computers crash at work? Or simply been unable to open the programs you need or connect to the internet? I’ am guessing the majority of...
Business Case Studies

How can I Increase my Hotel Sales?

Hotels are always looking for ways to keep their business alive throughout the year. Majority of hotel owners invest a lot in their premises with the goal of making it as attractive as possible to potential clients. However, increasing hotel sales is not as easy as it sounds with many...
Business Case Studies

Attractive Business Opportunities in UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers great financial opportunities for potential investors.  The relaxed trade laws in the region, as well as, a growing infrastructure has resulted in an increase in potential business options.  The Gulf area has grown massively over the last three decades with a well respected banking system...
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