Business Case Studies

5 Harsh Entrepreneurial ‘Realities’ You Need To Face

Striving to become an entrepreneur? If so, you are not alone. Just about everyone dreams of the day they own a business. Unfortunately, most of these people will fall short because they do not have what it takes to see their goals through. The success stories of entrepreneurship are running...
Business Case Studies

Getting Your Job Candidates Quicker and More Targeted With Video Interviews With

“Advancements in VoIP and Digital Video Platforms are making the task of acquiring candidates, quicker, more targeted, easier and far more convenient for employers as well as candidates.” - Experts in Video Interviews The ability to analyse multiple data sets that you would otherwise miss out on via conventional...
Business Case Studies

Impact of Rising Interest Rate to Businesses

The thought of a large amount of revenue is the biggest driver in investing in any line of business. Sometimes when the general economic conditions change, it trickles down to individual companies in operation. It can lead to increased profits or the beginning of losses. Interest rate plays a significant role in shaping businesses....
Business Case Studies

Best ways to generate new business

Generating new business continues to be one of the most important aspects in order for a business to be a success. This is why more companies are now looking to outsource this to those with experience such as at They can ensure the leads are coming into the business...
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