Business Case Studies

Benefits resulting from the implementation of the CRM system. What changes do they bring? Importance in promotion and customer acquisition.

Customer Relation Management (CRM) is invariably one of the most important and popular concepts that can be found in both literature and business practice. Despite this, it is often perceived incorrectly - first of all through the prism of an IT system of CRM class. The strategic aspect of CRM...
Business Case Studies

A Detailed Guide About the CPA Exam

In the accountancy field, the highest standard of capability is CPA across the globe. The AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountant) the largest accounting body of the world administers this exam. CPA is the best career choice if considering an illustrious career in accounting. The Certified Public Accountants are...
Business Case Studies

4 Reasons to Improve Your Invoicing Process

An invoicing process is put in place so that all customer payments arrive promptly, ensuring that your efforts are rewarded on time. Insufficiency in this process, however, can seriously affect operations. And so, it’s important to use a business-friendly model. But why exactly? To aid your understanding, we will pinpoint...
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