Business Case Studies

Business Case Studies

Grab an A1

We’re quite proud of our posters, they’re simple and effective ways to brighten up a bedroom or classroom wall while making sure you get key business info. Our entire A1 Edition 16 range is all just 99p. There’s a variety of topics and companies covered, from Primark’s Engaging with stakeholders,...
Business Case Studies

Revision comes individually

The Business Case Studies shop is full of resources to help in the classroom and with revision, but sometimes you just can’t afford to splash out. That’s why our individual pdfs are such a great option. You can buy and download our case studies individually for a tiny amount and...
Business Case Studies

Login the Facebook way

As you’re no doubt aware, we’re pretty keen on social media, it’s a great way to stay connected and up-to-date in a world that changes so quickly. Did you that you can use your Facebook account to login to Business Case Studies? By logging into our site, you can get...
Business Case Studies

Exciting ePosters

We’ve recently expanded the ePoster section of our shop to include Editions 17 and 18. The posters are a great addition to any classroom or bedroom wall, offering key info in a simple and effective way. The new additions include Virgin Media—Motivating and engaging employees for better business; Nestlé—Achieving sustainability...
Business Case Studies

Something for the teachers

Our site isn’t only aimed at students, there’s plenty on offer for teachers too, including our helpful Teaching Resources tab. This section organises all of our case studies by curriculum topic, for quick and easy access. When you click on a topic, you get a list of all of the...
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Kellogg’s sourcing UK wheat

Kellogg’s have announced that they’ll be sourcing wheat direct from UK farms with its new Origins Programme. The announcement was made at Openfield’s farmer conference during the first week of April. Dedicated grower groups will now be supplying Group 3 and 4 wheat varieties (all of which are eligible for...
Business Case Studies


At Business Case Studies we always welcome opportunities that involve young people, it’s one of our core principles, and getting them involved with the site is no different. Last week's Newsletter (Issue 29, 8th April 2014) featured a guest article about Capco, written by a student from a local school....
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adidas launch handy headphones

Adidas have always been pretty savvy when it comes to giving consumers what they want. The company have partnered up with Monster (the World’s leading manufacturer of high performance cables for audio/video components) to produce a range of high performance headphones. There are two types of headphones on offer, the...
Business Case Studies

Careers free for all

Our careers guides take all the stress out of finding out what’s out there in the big wide business world, and what career paths to tread. By collecting together all the contact details of top companies, and partnering them with insightful employee quotes, you get a resource that educates but,...
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